Anti Ragging Cell:

As same like the other Sub-Committees or Cell even Gossaigaon B.Ed. College has also formed a cell for the security and welfare of the Trainees. Which is Anti-Ragging Cell. Ragging has ruined countless innocent lives and careers. So, increase to follow the types of abuses and activities, against, students in every colleges is Educational Institutions, an Anti-Ragging Cell is being formed. The functions of Anti-Ragging cell is to keep a vigil and step incidences of Ragging students have to take understanding with theirs personal details and also online affidavits forms should be filled up compulsorily and submit the form on successful completion of the affidavits both students and parents receive an affidavits through E-mail. The Anti-Ragging Committee is headed by the Principal and other members.

Aim and Objectives of Anti-Ragging Cell
1. To aware the students of determining effect of ragging inherent its perversity.
2. To keep a continuous watch and vigil with ragging to as to present its recurrence and recurrence.
3. To promptly and stringently deal with the incident of ragging brought to each notice.
4. To adopt and ensure ragging free campus.

Composition/ Committee Members of Anti-Ragging Cell

Sl. No.Duty AssignedName & Designation
1ChairpersonMrs. Janet Chapar, Vice-principal
3InchargeMr. Swmaoshar Brahma
4Teacher Members1. Mr. Ricky Basumatary
2. Mr. Riturup Basumatary
3. Miss Ranjita Basumatary
4. Miss Momi Basumatary
5Student Members1. Mr. AIM Golam Rabbany, G.S, Trainees Union
2. Mr. Daniel Singh Boro
3. Miss Sansumwi Basumatary