Teaching and evaluation are the two sides of a coin where Examination Committee plays a key role. It is an apex body of the college is being formed in the year 2014. The committee is headed by examination in-charge and is facilitated by three sections: examination, record maintenance and administration. The Examination Committee therefore, is structured to carry out all the examination related to all courses. The Examination Committee is a confidential section with the responsibility of conducting of examinations in fair and systematic manner under the directions of Principal of the college. Its major performance include notification of examination schedules, allotment of invigilator duty, seat arrangement, overall supervision and monitoring of the examination process, evaluation, publication and display of internal marks, maintenance of student records for all courses offered in the institution.

The Committee is reconstituted for the Session 2019-2022 and the following are appointed

 Sl. No.Name of MemberDesignationPosition
1Dr. Ajit Boro, M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., D.Litt.PrincipalChairperson
2Mr. Arup Barman, M.A., M.Ed., SLETLecturerExamination Incharge
3Mr. Alangbar SwargiaryLecturerAsstt. Examination Incharge
4Mrs. Janet ChaparVice-PrincipalTeacher Member
5Mrs. Kalpana SorenLecturerTeacher Member
6Mr. Ricky BasumataryLecturerTeacher Member
7Mrs. Rimi NarzaryLecturerTeacher Member
8Mr. Swmaoshar BrahmaLecturerTeacher Member

Aims and Objectives:
The aims and objectives of the committee are-

  1. To help and ensure smooth and orderly conduct of examinations as per guidelines issued by the Bodoland University from time to time.
  2. To arrange for strict vigilance during the conduct of examinations so as to avoid use of unfair means by the students.
  3. To prepare question papers for all the subjects, time tables, seating arrangements and invigilation schedules for internal examinations.
  4. To collect and compile of internal Marks.
  5. To display the internal marks for the reference of students.
  6. To keep record of each and every issue related to the examination.
  7. To undertake examination and evaluation reforms in order to make examination and evaluation system more efficient.
  8. To keep encouraging students in getting academic excellence.