The Gossaigaon B.Ed College Almuni Association (GBCAA) was established on 04th August 2017 at Gossaigaon B.Ed College, with a view to work and contribute to the overall qualitative improvement of Gossaigaon B.Ed College, comprising of all the ex-students of the college to work for the aims and objectives of association. To have a clear-cut rules & regulation of  its own, the Gossaigaon B.Ed College Almuni Association has drafted this Constitution on the 1st sitting of the executive body of Association held on 23rd August, 2017 at Gossaigaon B.Ed College, Gossaigon. Hereafter the constitution was adopted.

The Association has been formed with the pious intention of following aims and objectives which shall be worked out in co- ordination with the college authority to bring all round development of the college. The Association Aims-

  • To help in creating and improving quality academic atmosphere in the institution.
  • To raise fund for the welfare and promotion of the student community of the institution.
  • To conduct career counselling and career awareness for the students.
  •  To work and contribute toward the achievement of vision and mission of the Institution.
  • To build up unity, to foster and promote brotherly and sisterly feelings among the ex-students of Gossaigaon B.Ed. College.
  • To organise Seminar and arrange lectures on various topics/subjects pertaining to teacher education in specific and to education and other relevant areas in general from time to time.
  •  To extent helping hands to poor and needy students to continue higher education.
  • To assist college authority in fulfilling the criteria of NAAC.