Guidance & Counseling Cell


Guidance, in simple terms means, to direct or provide assistance to  someone who needs help. Counseling refers to professional services provided to  an individual who is facing a problem and needs help to overcome the problem. Counseling is considered to be an integral and central part of guidance. Guidance and counseling is oriented to helping students understand themselves, become self-sufficient in making realistic and positive selections and grow in human relationships and concerns. Guidance, hence, should prepare   students for adult life as well as help them acquire appropriate attitudes and values that facilitate them to become productive and dynamic members of their communities. With the increased advancement in technology and globalization, several techniques have been developed to impart guidance and counseling in education.


ChairpersonDr.Ajit Boro
Academic InchargeMr. Susanta Mushahary
Teacher Members1. Mrs. Juliya Narzary
2. Mr. Alangbar Swargiary
3. Mr. Ricky Basumatary
4. Mr. Swmdwn Narzary
Office StaffMr. Japendra Mushahary, Accountant (I/c)


  • To organized various guidance and counseling services like orientation programmes at the commencement of each academic session, pre-teaching practice guidance and counseling, career talks and day to day personal, educational and vocational guidance etc.
  • To provide ample opportunities to the students for upgrading their skills.
  • To make the students ready for jobs or self reliance in addition to their physical, mental and spiritual development.


1. Pre-Admission Guidance & Counseling Counseling and guidance must be given at pre-admission level particularly in the section of Graduate Group (B.A., B.Ed. & D.El.Ed) Pre-admission guidance will be for the 1semester students.

2. To make the students comfortable and bring forth their inherent capabilities, the counseling and guidance must be given to the students in the beginning through various measures viz. tutorials, organizing competitions, group discussion, interactive sessions, e-learning, library usage etc.

3. Efforts may also be made to improve the Communication Skills of the students through various measures. The Language Labs of the college be utilized for the purpose. It is desired that equal weightage be given to the students of all classes. This exercise be done with a purpose of making the students confident enough to face any interviews/Group Discussions & other such challenges.

4. The students may be made aware about usage of library, e-learning, use of website, e-journals etc. Due consideration may be given to the fact that all students are made aware of different competitive exams after the degrees to shape their future course of action.


Regular feedback from the students provided job/placement may also be taken, so that the good or bad experiences may be taken care of for future planning; & this Year-wise placement record shall have to be submitted to the office by the sub-committee at the end of the session.